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Context-Aware Systems and Applications and Nature of Computation and Communication

This special issue, with six papers invited and extended from selected contributions to The 5th International Conference on Context-Aware Systems and Applications (ICCASA) held in Thu Dau Mot City,

Question matrix method according to divided dimensions of infographics evaluation

The visual/image is very good expression in the cultural heritage domain. Visual archive is one of the recording techniques for cultural heritage along with the static image like a picture and the reports documenting contents in literature.

METROPOLITAN AIR POLLUTION PREDICTION: A case study using PM10 data observed in Ho Chi Minh City

Geostatistics is briefly concerned with estimation and prediction for spatially continuous phenomena, using data measured at a finite number of spatial locations to estimate values of interest at unmeasured locations.

Applied the Cokriging interpolation method to survey Air Quality Index (AQI) for dust TSP in Da Nang city

Mapping to predict the air pollution concentration in Da Nang city is an urgent issue for management agencies and researchers of environmental pollution.

Collaborative Vietnamese WordNet building using consensus quality

Most ontologies are being developed in an engineering-oriented method: a small group of engineers carefully builds and maintains a presentation of their view of the world.

ENSO-based tropical cyclone forecasting using CF-ANFIS

According to literature, there are two aspects of a successful approach for seasonal forecasting of tropical cyclones, including factors relating to the formation and operation of the storms and regression methods.

A collaborative algorithm for semantic video annotation using a consensus-based social network analysis

Social TV represents a new form of shopping that enables consumers to view, select and buy products. This highlights the need for a collaborative video annotation technique

Fuzzy logic control for SFB active queue management mechanism (ICCASA 2013)

Internet is growing not only in the number of connected devices but also the diversity of the application layers. Therefore, the bottleneck problem in the router is a pressing issue in congestion control

Model Integrating Fuzzy Argument with Neural Network Enhancing the Performance of Active Queue Management

The bottleneck control by active queue management mechanisms at network nodes is essential. In recent years, some researchers have used fuzzy argument to improve the active queue management mechanisms to enhance the network performance