Study IT industry job opportunities are high?

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At 15:45 on 13.3, the online TV consulting session on technology and information technology (IT) group continued to take place at:, Facebook / and YouTube Thanh Nien.

Technology in general and information technology (IT) in particular is an industry with many development directions in the future. The Industrial Revolution 4.0 has led to the change of many industries. But according to experts, the technology group, in which IT still takes the leading position. Human resource demand in this sector is also very large. This is one of the disciplines that are available at most universities and colleges.

According to demand forecasts, by 2020 Vietnam will be short of more than 500,000 IT personnel. The Ministry of Education and Training has sent an official dispatch to universities and institutes, officially allowing the application of specific mechanism of training of these fields at university level. Accordingly, students studying at other fields are transferred to study information technology in schools with this field.
So, for those who want to enroll in this field during the 2019 enrollment season, what are the precautions to be able to enter the right career at the appropriate schools? Trends in this sector in the future? Demand for human resources for this career in the coming period? What schools change in training, enrollment in this sector? Candidates should note what when studying? ... At part 2 of the program, experts continue to answer these issues.
The program is being online at, Fanpage facebook newspaper TN and Youtube channel. During the program, readers can ask questions at the addresses above.
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Part 2 with the participation of the guests:
- Dr. Le Xuan Truong, Head of IT Department, HCMC Open University
- Master Cao Quang Tu, Director of Admissions International University of Saigon
- Master Nguyen Tran Ngoc Phuong, Deputy Head of Admissions and Communication Consultancy Department, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology
- Dr. Nguyen Kim Quoc, Deputy Head of Faculty of Information Technology Nguyen Tat Thanh University

Study IT industry job opportunities are high?

Master Nguyen Tran Ngoc Phuong: The school has information technology industries: software technology, computer communication networks, computer engineering ...
Study IT industry job opportunities are high?
Master Nguyen Tran Ngoc Phuong
IT is one of the industries with the hottest growth, ranked first among the four key industrial groups of Ho Chi Minh City. The number of candidates who register in these fields every year at HCMC University of Technology is very large, 1,000-2,000. The level of matriculation scores in the years usually 3-4 points higher than the admission floor.
Graduates of this sector are highly recruited by the labor market.
Master Cao Quang Tu: In this period, technology and information technology are given top priority. Saigon International University has 2 main majors of this field: computer science and software engineering.
The school recruits students by two methods: using the results of the national high school exam and based on the results of grade 12.
Each year the school trains about 200 students for this field, there are 2 programs: Vietnamese and English. When studying at the school, students are granted full scholarships to learn English skills.
The chance to succeed in this sector is very high, but this is a hot industry so we should not follow the movement. Students studying this field must have good logical thinking ability and effort in the learning process to be successful. Hope you need a wise choice.
Dr. Nguyen Kim Quoc: At Nguyen Tat Thanh University, students studying IT and technology sector all achieved 90% of jobs after graduation. In order to do that, the school implements the goal of promoting practice, creating an environment for learning, experiencing and paying attention to quality. The school's training program is constantly updated to fit the social needs. The university is associated with 1,700 businesses, where students practice, practice, find jobs.
Study IT industry job opportunities are high?
Dr. Nguyen Kim Quoc: 90% of the students who study IT and technology at the school have jobs after graduation
Admission method of the school: Considering the results of national high school exam, review of grade 12 transcripts, consideration of good national students, including regional skill exams, admission of foreign candidates ...
Dr. Le Xuan Truong: In fact, the training process shows that students who are not suitable are due to no effort and active learning even though they have good input and good mathematical background. While there are students with lower entry scores but graduates make important positions, then higher study.
It can be said that the math foundation and logical thinking just enough with the passion and effort will be a plus point for success in the IT field.
Previously, many students in the fourth year of IT with good education were able to get a job. Currently, according to a survey of Ho Chi Minh City Open University, in the last year, up to 53% of students have good jobs and the right career. In particular, good students have the right to choose businesses to practice and work. T
Master Nguyen Tran Ngoc Phuong: Parents should let their children choose the majors they like, don't force them to study their favorite subjects. Because when studying disciplines, it is very difficult to promote and succeed.
Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology creates a comfortable learning environment, develops thinking, trains skills ... The school has open lecture halls, bringing businesses to students, organizing business semester in year 2, 3, help students understand the discipline and stick with it.
Master Cao Quang Tu: Many friends are good but appreciate themselves too much. This is the problem that many good graduates are also unemployed. There are suitable environments, but you want to find another environment that is more ideal but can't find one. Just graduated, you should start from a little smaller job, a little more responsible, it will gradually assert the ability and when businesses see your ability, you do not need to worry about Your salary issues, too, especially foreign businesses will pay salaries worthy of your ability.

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