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The Faculty of Information Technology

1. Executive summary 
The Faculty of Information Technology was established based on Decision No. 137 / QD-TT-TC dated May 26, 2011 by the President of Nguyen Tat Thanh University. The Faculty has the main functions and tasks:
- To organize collegial, undergraduate and postgraduate training with highly qualified lecturers, with advanced curriculum content and teaching methods to provide human resources with high quality information technology to meet practical requirements of society.
- Organize activities of applied research, technology transfer, especially cooperation with enterprises
This Self-Assessment Report (SAR) has been written by the Faculty of Information Technology of Nguyen Tat Thanh University, with the purpose of receiving the ASEAN University Network (AUN) accreditation for the Bachelor of Information Technology programme

2. Management of the Self- Assessment Process 
The Team for self-assessment was formed by consisting of representatives of all sectors and the management of the University. The Team was created under the Decision No. 583/QĐ-NTT dated in November 2016. Then the Team was updated in August 2017 by the Decision No. 386/QĐ-NTT, which consists of the senior manager and experienced lecturers of the University, as well as other junior members who acted as assistants. Each member of the Team is responsible for collecting data and evidences for each AUN standard and writing the SAR. The secretary is responsible for compiling the contents for reporting, arranging and archiving of the report. Dean and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology is responsible for controlling the implementation of the process of self – assessment, reviewing and approving the content of the assessment report. 
The process of self-assessment in the Faculty of Information Technology is divided into two periods:
- In the first period (from 2016 to June 2018), this Team researched and studied about AUN criteria and prepared for writing SAR.
- In the second period (from June 2018 to 2019), the Team collected data and evidences through the analyses of questionnaires in academic community and labour markets as well as some of certain educational events, such as conferences, seminars and trainings in the area of quality assurance. Based on those information and data, the Team wrote the SAR. 
The first version of the SAR was presented to the members of the Faculty of  Information Technology on June 30th, 2018. The necessary appendixes and annexes were also formatted to complete the process. 
The second version of the SAR was given to all members of the Board of Quality Assurance for comments. After this report was approved, it has been released in a confidential format in the University. The report is divided into four parts, including:
- Part 1: provides an overview and introduction to Nguyen Tat Thanh University and the Faculty of Information Technology.
- Part 2: analyses of AUN-QA Criteria Requirements.
- Part 3: strenghts, weaknesses and area of improvement.
- Part 4: list of appendixes.


3. The Faculty of Information Technology 

The Faculty of Information Technology has 29 faculty members. Of which more than 85% have master's degree or higher, there are 2 associate professors and 2 PhDs. At present, the Faculty focuses on training in Computer Engineering, Software Engineering for undergraduate and graduate level. Besides, Faculty of Information Technology also has a team of collaborators, qualified lecturers and high reputation from domestic and international research institutes and universities.

4. Strategy

- Building an industrial-oriented IT training program, establishing enterprise clubs and mentors, promoting corporate trainers, internship sessions and enterprise tours.

- Organizing scientific conferences and exchanging knowledge and sharing experience about the training system with famous institutes and universities in domestic and international.

- Forming research groups, organizing scientific seminars in the Faculty, collaboratively doing research, guiding students to do research and treating students fairly and respectfully.  

- Creating conditions for lecturers to conduct doctoral studies, to nominate lecturers with doctoral or higher degrees, to associate scientists at home and abroad in order to improve the quality of research and teaching.- Participating in public activities for community.

5. Philosophy

To combine Education with production, Theory to practice, to unite Study with Experiment, to connect University with society.

6. Core values

Professional - Integration - Responsibility

·         Professional:

-         Improve professional knowledge and skills.

-         Promote the diversity of student’s ideas and expressions.

-         To encourage self-learning and an entrepreneurial spirit.

·        Integration:

-         Attend seminars, science conferences in Vietnam or abroad.

-         Participate in research projects linked with domestic and foreign organizations.

-         Exchange knowledge and share experience about the training system with famous schools in and outside the country.

·        Responsibility:

-         Treat students fairly and respectfully.

-         To participate in public activities for community.

-         To provide a high ethic and responsibility human resources for the national labor markets.