Information Technology training program achieved 4 STARS PLUS.

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Information Technology training program achieved 4 STARS PLUS.

Information Technology training program achieved 4 STARS PLUS.

The Faculty of Information Technology was established based on Decision No. 137 / ĐHNTT-TC dated May 26, 2011 by the President of Nguyen Tat Thanh University. The Faculty has the main functions and tasks: To organize collegial, undergraduate and postgraduate training; Organize activities of applied research, technology transfer, especially cooperation with enterprises. The Faculty of Information Technology - Nguyen Tat Thanh University will become a well-known place to train and provide human resources in information technology of advanced level and quality in the region, toward to meet the requirements of management, production, service and application of information technology in domestic and international. The  Faculty of Information Technology is committed to provide quality and competitive IT human resources for the domestic and international demand through activities of training and doing research by  based on a strategic alliance with businesses, research institutes and universities, and a dynamic creative environment for lecturers, students, and researchers, especially for students’ creativity and entrepreneurship.

     The Faculty of Information Technology has 37 full-time lecturers (1 professor, 3 associate professors, 8 doctors, 23 masters, 2 bachelors) and 12 visiting lecturers (4 associate professors, 4 doctors, 4 masters), In addition, the Faculty also has a team of over 38 business lecturers who are experts from a network of more than 200 large enterprises and technology corporations participating in training and applied scientific research. Faculty of Information Technology is organized: Science Council; Governing Board; Department of basic science; Department of computer science; Department of Software engineering; Department of computer networking and communication.

     The Faculty of Information Technology trains engineers with 3 majors of training: Information Technology; Software engineering; Computer networks and data communication. Specialized training: Artificial intelligence; Data Science; Computer vision; Software Development; Software project management; Programming games and virtual reality; Cybersecurity; Network administration; Connecting things; Digital economy; Digital tourism; Fintech and Bioinformatics. The training program has 165 credits, the training period is 3.5 years. The Faculty of Information Technology offers a master's degree in Information Technology, with the following majors: Artificial Intelligence; Data Science; Computer vision, Cybersecurity. The training program has 60 credits, training period of 1.5 years.

     Core Values of the Faculty: Professional - Integration – Responsibility. Professional: Improve professional knowledge and skills; Promote the diversity of student’s ideas and expressions; To encourage self-learning and an entrepreneurial spirit. Integration: Attend seminars, science conferences in Vietnam or abroad; Participate in research projects linked with domestic and foreign organizations; Exchange knowledge and share experience about the training system with famous schools in and outside the country.  Responsibility: Treat students fairly and respectfully; To participate in public activities for community; To provide a high ethic and responsibility human resources for the national labor markets.

     Faculty development strategy: Building an industrial-oriented IT training program, establishing enterprise clubs and mentors, promoting corporate trainers, internship sessions and enterprise tours; Organizing scientific conferences and exchanging knowledge and sharing experience about the training system with famous institutes and universities in domestic and international; Forming research groups, organizing scientific seminars in the Faculty, collaboratively doing research, guiding students to do research and treating students fairly and respectfully; Creating conditions for lecturers to conduct doctoral studies, to nominate lecturers with doctoral or higher degrees, to associate scientists at home and abroad in order to improve the quality of research and teaching; Participating in public activities for community.

Bachelor in Information Technology

1. Admissions/Management Information

Title of the programme

Bachelor of Information Technology

Vietnamese Qualification Framework (VQF) level

Bachelor (Level 6)

Awarding institution

Teaching institution

Nguyen Tat Thanh University

Nguyen Tat Thanh University


Faculty of Information Technology

Faculty webpage



Name of the final award

The Degree of Bachelor in Information Technology

Programme code


Admissions criteria

There are 4 admissions methods as follows:

Method 1: Considering the results of the Vietnam national high school graduation examination. High school candidates must take a national high school graduation examination with a number of compulsory subjects depending on their majors. Because of the academic requirements of the programme and the requirements of the ELOs for the application of social science, mathematics, management, in the context of globalization, the selection of prospective students who achieve an entrance test score in the examination groups are as follows:

A00: Math, Physics, and Chemistry

A01: Math, Physics, and English

D01: Math, Literature, and English

D07: Math, Chemistry, and English

Method 2: Considering the last year in high school’s grades of the courses in the course group A00, A01, D01 and D07. The minimum threshold to be considered is 6.0 or higher.

Method 3: Considering the results of the scholastic ability test administered by the Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh City.

Method 4: Direct offer to students who won national and international prizes

Method 5: NTTU examination

Length and status of the programme(s) and mode(s) of study


Length (years)

Status (full-time/part-time)

Start dates/months  (if applicable – for programmes


Bachelor of Information Technology

04 years

04 years



Face-to-face, campus-based

Language(s) of study


Language(s) of assessment


2. Programme accreditation by Professional, Statutory or Regulatory Bodies


3. Programme leader

Names of programme leader and key members of staff responsible for designing, maintaining and overseeing the programme.

Duong Trong Hai (Programme leader), Nguyen Kim Quoc, Phan Cong Vinh

4. Job profiles

Specialized in Software Engineering

- Programmers in software enterprises

- Software developer

- Specialist in Software testing

- Specialist in deploying and maintaining software

- Specialist in application and management of information systems

- Specialists in training and teaching IT at educational institutions and units

- Managers of IT services and projects on software engineering

Specialized in Computer Networking and Communications

- Specialists in analyzing, designing and building network systems

- Specialists in information technology system management

- Specialists security and information system security

- Network maintenance and development specialist

- Specialists to build embedded systems

- Staff building and operating mobile communication network system

- Staff building and operating cloud computing system

- Information technology research and teaching staff

- Managers of service facilities, IT projects on computer networks and communications